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Friday, 23 January 2009

Nothing to see here, move along


This was meant to be my personal blog, but obviously, I don't really have enough time in my personal life to maintain it with any real regularity. If you're interested in keeping up with what I'm doing, I highly suggest clicking on the links to the left.

Bootie, and all it entails -- Smash-Up Derby, A Plus D -- has kind of taken over my life. Therefore, check out the Bootie Blog, which does a much better job of documenting what's going on in my life, especially our various travels (that's really the most interesting part).

You can also check in with me on Facebook, which is really the only social networking site I can deal with. I can't stand MySpace, so really, don't even bother.

Of course, email is actually still the best way to get in touch with me. I'm old-school like that. ;-)

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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Three weeks of relative calm

Ahhh ... I'm currently in the midst of a three-week period of relative calm. Sure, there have been some gigs – DJing a super-gay set at Pop Roxx on Gay Pride weekend, a couple of local Jameson Bartenders Balls for Smash-Up Derby to play, the San Francisco Magazine Best of the Bay party, performing as Princess Kennedy at Trannyshack – but overall, it hasn't been this crazy feeling of GO GO GO!!!


It's three weeks between Bootie parties, so that helps. Time for us to get all caught up, before the cycle starts all over again, as we launch headfirst into summertime, and all that that entails: Bootie anniversary parties in both LA (two years!) and SF (four years!) ...  moving Bootie NYC to Luke & Leroy in July ... doing the The A+D Show in August ... recording a Smash-Up Derby album ... getting ready for Burning Man, and doing the last year of my Black Rock City newspaper, Piss Clear.


But right now, it's all good. D and I have actually (gasp!) hung out with friends, and have gone out to dinner with people! We actually went to somebody else's club for a change! We saw a movie in the LGBT Film Festival! (Okay, so that was kinda work-related -- Motherfucker: The Movie, a documentary about the famed NYC club night)


But anyway, it's been nice, although I know it's going to be ending soon, and then it's going to be Bootie-related stress all over again (I just realized how fucking ridiculous that sounds!) 

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